Crafting this week.

This week I’ve been a buzz with creative energy. Enjoying the cooler few days in Victoria with the kids going back to school. I’ve been using the quieter days to knit a short sleeve sweater (still knitting it), working on the new pattern for my etsy store and making another baby jacket.


Its not unusual for me to have a few projects on the go. I’ll make one while I’m watching TV in the evenings. I always have one in my bag to work on during waiting times at school or when I’m a trivia. Yes, I knit and crochet in the pubs.

The pattern I’ve been working on for my shop is another cosplay pattern. The last one which was a simple fox ear pattern was downloaded over 150 times! This one is cat ears. They require a little more patience than the fox ears but my daughters think they are amazing. Both younger girls have pinched a pair and wore them to school.


My biggest critics on what I make are my four children. If they aren’t to into what I’ve made I know that it needs another shot. I’m very lucky to have creative children. These guys are major inspirations to me. With quirky ideas and encouragement when I’m down, I’m one blessed mum.

Hope you’re all having a fabulous crafting week :mrgreen:


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