Another Amazing Inspirational Pic

Another amazing doodle from  This one is important to me as I need to remember that  even with learning to drive outside of town it’s okay to be a little slow. I’m not in a race and it’s better to arrive late and alive then drive too fast out of my comfort zone and have an accident.

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My Mantra!

Have you ever felt despair with the way the world is? Ever felt so tiny that just the small things you do don’t matter and won’t change the world?
You know your not alone?  So many people feel this way, me included. That’s why I want to share my mantra with you. The one thing that really helps me.


Be the change you want to see in the world. It’s from Gandhi. I love this. Just think if we all just did one small nice thing each day how nicer the world would be.
One of mine was a few days back when I picked up a dead cat off the road and laid it on the side of the road near a tree and used social media to help find its owners. Some others are just as simple as allowing someone out of a car space even though I don’t need the space.
Happy Crafting!

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Inspirational Blogs and Designers I love!!

I thought I’d share with you some of the blogs and designers that inspire my patterns.

Twinkie Chan I first saw her in Mollie Makes and thought “WOW! How quirky and creative” I bought her book and signed up to her blog. It’s full of cute crochet patterns and bright colours.

Never Not Knitting I’ve only just started listening to her pod cast and I’ve been reading her blog for about 2 years.I this summer I knitted her Sprig Cloge and I love reading about her travels and new designs.

Tiny Owl Knits I first heard of her from One Sheepish Girl. I bought their book from a local cafe and just drool over the patterns.

I know they aren’t many but I also look through pinterest and raverly.

How do you stay inspired?

Happy Crafting!!

I did something amazing!

It wasn’t huge and most people wouldn’t think it’s a big deal but I drove out of town!
A few years back I had a close call when driving that just totally shot my confidence with driving. I found it so hard to drive over 60km an hour and avoided going most places but this morning I wanted to go the Sunday morning market and hubby was still asleep so I decided I would drive myself.
I took the back roads and drove a bit slower to start with but as I got more confident I was driving around like a pro.


Hena work

The market was great fun. A few of the antique shops were open and a friend of mine was doing hena. There was a chook stall and fresh produce from local farms. I was so glad I did it.
I hope you are all having a great Sunday!
Happy Crafting.

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Reaffirming doodle

I love reading postivedoodles on tumblr and this one I felt I had to share. So many times I’ve seen others people’s work and just thought so lowly of mine.
I think its something we’ve all had to deal with whether it’s art or other things we do in our life. We can constantly feel pressured to do the best of everything and even if we are told that what we have done is the best sometimes we don’t believe it and compare our work to others.
So please remember that everything you create is great!
Happy Crafting!