Competition Time!!!

That’s right people we are having a small competition for this one of a kind retro inspired crochet bag.

All you have to do is like our Facebook page (CrochetPaws like and share the bag pic on Facebook and comment on the pic to go into the draw.
A winner will be picked at random on the 1st of May. 
Happy Crafting!!

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Being The Change I Want To See In The World!

My sale on Etsy has come to a close so I have decided that 50% of all my sales will be donated to Australian Asylum Seekers in a hwpid-unnamed-3.jpg.jpegope to make a small change in the world. My shop links are for Etsy and for Raverly.

Happy 4th Birthday to CrochetPaws on Etsy.

Four years ago I took the plunge and opened my own Etsy shop. In all truthfulness it sucked. I didn’t have a clear idea on what I was going to sell and it looked down right tacky. Fast forward to today, after tweaking here and there I found my style and something I love doing. Designing patterns.

I never went to art school, heck I didn’t even finish yearfox cup cosy 10. But that didn’t stop me. After years of building up the nerve to write a pattern then test it, I felt ready to sell it. The first pattern was the owl cup cosy. Owl cup cosy

I haven’t sold much but I am so happy and proud that I have started. So I am going to share that happiness with a 20% off sale. All you have to do is enter the code: happy4thbday at the checkout of my shop and Etsy will automatically take the 20% off.¬† The sale finishes March 24, 2015.

Happy Crafting!!!

My favorite baby jacket pattern


I love this ripple jacket pattern. I’ve made so many that I know most of it without reading it while crocheting. I’ve made one in 8ply with a larger hook for a 1 year old seeing the current pattern I’m using only makes a 3 month old size.
Its a great pattern to show off a vergated yarn with a long repeat and I find its fairly quick to make so a great idea for baby showers. Only takes me a day or two.


Here’s a free version ripple jacket.
Happy Crafting!

The best laid plans…..

Of mice and men often go awry.

This saying is adapted from Robert Burn’s “To a Mouse”. It seems to fit in well with this week. I’ve had plans to do all manner of things but alas not much of it has come to pass.
Sewing projects to start and baking to do. But what has taken most of my time has been my current cup cosy pattern.

To start with I couldn’t decide on a base. So I dragged out a pattern book that has several swatch patterns and test a few. Then I headed to Pinterest¬† and sifted through. Nup, nothing looked right. It just seemed too much for such a small item. So went with a flat back ground and it work!


It has a little more sewing but to me it just seems right! I’m hoping the pattern to be polished and ready for sale by the end of next week.

Happy Crafting!

Crafting this week.

This week I’ve been a buzz with creative energy. Enjoying the cooler few days in Victoria with the kids going back to school. I’ve been using the quieter days to knit a short sleeve sweater (still knitting it), working on the new pattern for my etsy store and making another baby jacket.


Its not unusual for me to have a few projects on the go. I’ll make one while I’m watching TV in the evenings. I always have one in my bag to work on during waiting times at school or when I’m a trivia. Yes, I knit and crochet in the pubs.

The pattern I’ve been working on for my shop is another cosplay pattern. The last one which was a simple fox ear pattern was downloaded over 150 times! This one is cat ears. They require a little more patience than the fox ears but my daughters think they are amazing. Both younger girls have pinched a pair and wore them to school.


My biggest critics on what I make are my four children. If they aren’t to into what I’ve made I know that it needs another shot. I’m very lucky to have creative children. These guys are major inspirations to me. With quirky ideas and encouragement when I’m down, I’m one blessed mum.

Hope you’re all having a fabulous crafting week :mrgreen:

It started with a slip stitch.

That’s how most of my crochet start. One slip stitch a handful of chain stitches.

I started crocheting about 10 years of age. My mother taught me how to do a granny square and that was pretty much all she knew. Over the years I made a heap of squares. Some I sewed into blankets, one bunch I tried to make a jacket. I wore it a few times and it was not only uncomfortable but ugly too.

Then in the winter of 2011 I had a friend ask me to show her how to make a granny square. A week later she showed me how to make hats and from there I learnt how to read patterns and now I write my own patterns.

Crocheting for me is soothing and forgiving. It’s just one little loop that I have to worry about. I can easily rip out a few stitches and redo that area. I can make things to keep me warm or thing to look beautiful. Most times it’s both. Even thou I live in a warm part of Victoria I get cold easily and I also visit Melbourne about twice a year.

I get inspired easily when I look at yarn or even when I browse Pintrest or Raverly. On a bad day I go in search of beautiful coloured balls of soft yarn. Holding them and dreaming of what I could make with it.

We all have ways to cope with daily stresses. One of mine is crocheting. What’s yours?