Reaffirming doodle

I love reading postivedoodles on tumblr and this one I felt I had to share. So many times I’ve seen others people’s work and just thought so lowly of mine.
I think its something we’ve all had to deal with whether it’s art or other things we do in our life. We can constantly feel pressured to do the best of everything and even if we are told that what we have done is the best sometimes we don’t believe it and compare our work to others.
So please remember that everything you create is great!
Happy Crafting!

One thought on “Reaffirming doodle

  1. Thank you for your words. They will give courage to many. It is important to note that perhaps as we are admiring others’ works and considering them highly others are doing same about ours.It is important to think positively about our own work.


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