A couple of years back I got some ducks and chickens in a hope to be more self reliant. Early last year I took on a drake from a friend as she already had a drake.


I wasn’t fussed if we had hatched babies. I took the drake more because I’m a big softy on animals needing homes. Just after New Years I came back from camping I heard extra noises and I found out we had ducklings.
We got 3 little ducks and boy do the grow fast. In the 3 weeks we’ve had them they have gone from small handfuls to needling two hands while their little legs and head wiggle in an attempt to escape.


No idea what genders they are but I will most likely rehome them once we do as I’m not keen on them inbreeding with their parents.


It started with a slip stitch.

That’s how most of my crochet start. One slip stitch a handful of chain stitches.

I started crocheting about 10 years of age. My mother taught me how to do a granny square and that was pretty much all she knew. Over the years I made a heap of squares. Some I sewed into blankets, one bunch I tried to make a jacket. I wore it a few times and it was not only uncomfortable but ugly too.

Then in the winter of 2011 I had a friend ask me to show her how to make a granny square. A week later she showed me how to make hats and from there I learnt how to read patterns and now I write my own patterns.

Crocheting for me is soothing and forgiving. It’s just one little loop that I have to worry about. I can easily rip out a few stitches and redo that area. I can make things to keep me warm or thing to look beautiful. Most times it’s both. Even thou I live in a warm part of Victoria I get cold easily and I also visit Melbourne about twice a year.

I get inspired easily when I look at yarn or even when I browse Pintrest or Raverly. On a bad day I go in search of beautiful coloured balls of soft yarn. Holding them and dreaming of what I could make with it.

We all have ways to cope with daily stresses. One of mine is crocheting. What’s yours?