It’s been a year.

It’s been a year since I start this blog. I honest didn’t mean to stop posting but my world collapsed. There was no death or live changing moment that trigger it. I just broke.

So after a few months I’m back and I’m making changes.

Thank you for wait.

Trying find myself

Last week I was sick and since then I’ve felt disconnected from  my work.
I’m thinking that I’ve been focusing so much on what everyone else would like instead of making inspiring pieces I like to share.
It’s always an issue when you start making for a business and stop doing it just for fun.
How does one enjoy a happy, healthy balance in life?

Competition Time!!!

That’s right people we are having a small competition for this one of a kind retro inspired crochet bag.

All you have to do is like our Facebook page (CrochetPaws like and share the bag pic on Facebook and comment on the pic to go into the draw.
A winner will be picked at random on the 1st of May. 
Happy Crafting!!

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Another Amazing Inspirational Pic

Another amazing doodle from  This one is important to me as I need to remember that  even with learning to drive outside of town it’s okay to be a little slow. I’m not in a race and it’s better to arrive late and alive then drive too fast out of my comfort zone and have an accident.

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A Lazy Sunday

Friends and I decided we’d go for a scenic drive to a little town called Wentworth for lunch. We had heard some great reviews about a cafe called Artback and we were not disappointed.


This beautiful cafe and gallery is something special.  Situated in a rustic building filled with art and a comfy atmosphere I instantly fell in love!
We decided to sit upstairs and we enjoyed and array of great coffee, chai and amazing main courses.  The portions sizes were huge and the staff super friendly as I can’t eat gluten and a friend of mine can’t eat dairy. The had options for both of us!


It was such a great Sunday and I drove out there and back.


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It’s a Bit Cold

Autumn has started to creep in with our first decent rain in 51 days and a huge cool change by 15°.
I’m thankful I finished my beanie as it’s super warm and soft.

It’s not my normal colours but every girl needs a change.
I’m thinking leg warmers next as I live in stocking during winter and it would be nice not to freeze as much as last year.
Happy Crafting!

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My Melbourne Trip

This weekend just gone I spent in Melbourne.  Main reason was for a specialist doctor appointment the bonus was shopping!
Australian Country Spinners have released a beauty new range called Superfine Merino and only a few shops are stocking it. One of which is Clegs in Melbourne so I bought 3 balls to make a beanie with. Also I found a massive amount of books at the Book Grocer.


My Goodies

I also found this great café across from where my doctor’s appointment was. It’s called Cafeecco. The staff were amazing helpful and the coffee and food was divine.   They have gluten free too.
Happy Crafting!

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