It started with a slip stitch.

That’s how most of my crochet start. One slip stitch a handful of chain stitches.

I started crocheting about 10 years of age. My mother taught me how to do a granny square and that was pretty much all she knew. Over the years I made a heap of squares. Some I sewed into blankets, one bunch I tried to make a jacket. I wore it a few times and it was not only uncomfortable but ugly too.

Then in the winter of 2011 I had a friend ask me to show her how to make a granny square. A week later she showed me how to make hats and from there I learnt how to read patterns and now I write my own patterns.

Crocheting for me is soothing and forgiving. It’s just one little loop that I have to worry about. I can easily rip out a few stitches and redo that area. I can make things to keep me warm or thing to look beautiful. Most times it’s both. Even thou I live in a warm part of Victoria I get cold easily and I also visit Melbourne about twice a year.

I get inspired easily when I look at yarn or even when I browse Pintrest or Raverly. On a bad day I go in search of beautiful coloured balls of soft yarn. Holding them and dreaming of what I could make with it.

We all have ways to cope with daily stresses. One of mine is crocheting. What’s yours?

3 thoughts on “It started with a slip stitch.

  1. Crocheting/knitting and reading/writing are my main de-stressers. Are granny squares easy? Or does it depend on what you’re doing in that square? I try not to go on pinterest much b/c it can be addicting once I start looking at the crafty stuff. Ive heard of ravelry before, is it a good site? I’ve only used for knitting/crocheting stuff (outside of pinterest)


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